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This recommendation and guidance is meant for a wide audience and may not apply to your production. Please reach out to your Netflix Representative with any questions.  



In light of the current remote edit/review landscape, please find below a breakdown of some additional features on PIX that you may want to implement. Please note that you can reach out to PIX Support directly (support@pixsystem.com) for more information on any of the below features: 


    • If you want to create a private workspace in PIX to use that Netflix does not have access to you can do so by following the instructions below: 
      • Email PIX Support (support@pixsystem.com) requesting a new top level folder to be created in your PIX Project (*please copy your Netflix Post Management Team in for gatekeeper approval)
      • In the body of the email please state:
        • Folder name = how the folder will be displayed in PIX
        • Folder access = who should have access to this folder, the access types are View, Upload, Delete, Download and Admin. When providing this information you will need to include full names and email addresses to get them set up
      • There is no need to update the spreadsheet with this information, it can all be done via email.
      • If you would like to be a gatekeeper for the new folder(s) created, please reach out to your Netflix Post Management team for approval.


    • Currently all notes on Netflix Projects are set to Private (only you can see your notes), but PIX has the ability to create Private Notes groups that are a great way to share notes and confidential information amongst a select group of people on your project. Below is a breakdown of how to set this up on your show (*please note that private notes groups are not retroactive, so don’t make notes until your group is set up if you do want to share them!):
    • How to set up Private Notes Groups & Notifications
      • Email PIX Support (support@pixsystem.com) requesting a Private Notes group and Notifications to be set up in your PIX Project. (*please copy your Netflix Post Management Team in for gatekeeper approval)
        • Group Name = this is to reference the purpose of the group (ie. Director's Notes or Editorial Notes or Creative Notes, etc.)
        • Group Users = Who should be included in the Private Notes group (anyone in this group will be able to see each other's notes)
        • Group Notifications = what cadence you want to receive notifications whenever a note is made. Notifications can be set to any cadence (1 minute, 5 mins, 30 mins, 1hr, 1 day etc)


    • How to use - PIX Live Review Sessions
    • PIX Session is a feature that enables users to review material together in real-time. The live review feature includes tools for synchronized media playback, real-time comments and frame markup, and secure infrastructure to share media.  
    • Currently, you can participate in a live review session from both the Mac and Windows apps. PLEASE NOTE, REVIEW SESSION ONLY WORKS ON THE CLASSIC (DESKTOP) VERSION OF THE APP.
    • To get set up with a PIX Session you will need to ask PIX Support to enable PIX Session on the user sending the session in a given project. 
    • Once enabled on the project level, you will see the send as PIX Session available in the send drop-down window. 
    • You will create and share a playlist the usual way, only toggling from Normal Send to PIX Session send in the dropdown. 
    • Because the media is already on PIX, you can create notes and markup ahead of time, and reference or export the notes from the session after it’s over. 
    • When you join a session PIX displays a list of everyone you’ve invited to the session and their current status. 
    • You can export feedback from the session in the Info pane under the Notes tab. Notes can be exported as an Avid Marker List, Final Cut XML, or CSV file. 


Change Log

  • 3/26/2020
    • Removed link to google doc
  • 3/25/2020
    • Added link to Sessions instructions on PIX site
    • Specified PIX Sessions only works in CLASSIC APP Mode




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