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   One-time Software Install

   Viewing A Session

   Configuring Multiple Sessions

   Pro Features



This recommendation and guidance is meant for a wide audience and may not apply to your production. Please reach out to your Netflix Representative with any questions.  



This document details the process to receive a live stream from editorial for review using Streambox Media Player software.

There is a one-time installation needed to receive the editorial live stream.

A unique 6-character Session ID is needed to view a session, provided by editorial.


One-time Software Install

Installation of Streambox MPHD

  • Download the installer for your platform.
  • The installer package contains the document Streambox_MediaPlayer.pdf - please refer to this document for installation and application details if needed. For iOS devices, see the iOS Quick Start Guide.
  • Install the software then launch the application.
  • Upon first launch on Mac, under the Streambox MPHD menu, select Check for Updates and approve if  an update is available.


Viewing a session

Using example session ID of $A1B2C3



  • Under the Settings menu, click Open session, input your unique session ID, then click OK.
  • Wait for the stream to begin



Using example IP address The correct IP will need to be provided by support.

  • Right click in the video window, click Settings, click Configure Channel #1
  • Select Connect to server then fill out the following fields
    • IP address
    • Port 1770
    • Login defaultsession
    • Password defaultsession
    • Network1 $A1B2C3 (your unique session ID)
  • Click OK then wait for the stream to begin. It may be necessary to select the Channel 1 shortcut in the bottom right corner of the player window.


Configuring multiple sessions


  • Under the Settings menu, click Configure Channels
  • Select the desired Channel for the session, click Join Session and input the Session ID


  • The different channels are accessible in the bottom right corner of the player window



  • Follow the Viewing a Session Windows instructions above, but select a different Channel #
  • The different channels are accessible in the bottom right corner of the player window


Pro Features

Pro features are required for full-screen playback or to output to a professional video output device

  • You will need to activate the Pro featureset as described in Streambox_MediaPlayer.pdf
  • Contact Netflix partner support at support@netflixstudios.com with the subject line Streambox Pro Features to receive a Pro activation code.




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