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Download Actors Mobile ADR from the Apple iOS Store.


Actors Quick Start

  • Record in an isolated room with the least echo. Closets can work, or rooms with curtains/couches/beds - materials that absorb sound
  • Plugin the Microphone to the Lightning Port on the iPhone/iPad 
  • Share a test recording with the production for recording quality validation before recording extensively
  • If recording with others, establish a Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom call with the director or sound team on another device.
  • Find the .zip file or .mov the Editor sent, and Click on it.
  • Press the unnamed__46_.pngbutton and find and click unnamed__45_.png
  • Scroll down and click onunnamed__49_.png
  • In the Mobile ADR app, your first video will appear on screen. Swipe left for the next video.
  • Tap unnamed__43_.pngunnamed__44_.png to open the Library and see all videos. (Each video corresponds to each ADR line to record)
  • Tap unnamed__42_.png  to Preview. Three beeps will play before the ADR Start, along with a Wipe bar. The ADR line is shown as a Subtitle.
  • Tap unnamed__41_.png  to Record. Tap Record again to record a second take.
  • Tap  unnamed__51_.png  to Playback. 
  • When finished, send the ADR recordings to the Editor.
  • Tap unnamed__39_.png and unnamed__38_.png to open the Library. Select audio and Send Files by choosing a sharing option. (We recommend Google Drive, but you may also use WhatsApp, Telegram, Aspera, Email or Skype).


Change Log

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