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Download Actors Mobile ADR from the Apple iOS Store.


Equipment Recommendations

*Apple iPad https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-10-2

                    *any modern iPhone will also work


Microphone  Internal iPhone/iPad microphone or:

Editors Quick Start

Contact Todd-AO with questions software@todd-ao.com


The app works with one video per each cue. We recommend short .mp4 video clips that are H264, provide pre-roll for the beeps and run up into the ADR line. Visual timecode is recommended. 


Dialog-only guide track with ample volume is ideal.


Cueing ADR can be done several ways. The Todd-AO Editor (Beta) for OS X is the fastest method. Alternatively use Actors Mobiles ADR Settings window or the Library’s built-in Metadata Editor. 


TODD-AO Editor, download it hereDrop an mp4 on the Metadata Editor.


An OCR reader will input the PICTURE TC START from your video, if possible. If not you can manually enter it.


Copy and paste the ADR START & END, along with the ADR LINE from the cue sheets into the fields.


Click Update Metadata. Quit the application. Repeat the process for each of your videos/cues.


When done, create a single Finder Archive .zip of all the videos.


Use Finder Airdrop to send the .zip file to your iPad. Open the .Zip in Mobile ADR.


The videos are automatically imported and encrypted into Actors Mobile. Tap unnamed__52_.png and unnamed__53_.png to open the Library. Select all Videos and Send.


Change Log

  • 2020-03-27: First Version





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