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Subscribe to Session Link Pro.

  • Use the built in iPad/iPhone Mic or Plugin a USB Mic of your choice. *Apogee Hype Mic or similar is recommended to the Lightning Port on the iPhone/iPad Or USB-C Port On iPad Pro for higher quality recording.

  • Optionally establish a Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom call with the director or sound team on another device.

  • Record in an isolated room with the least echo. Closets can work, or rooms with curtains/couches/beds - materials that absorb sound

  • Share a test recording with the production for recording quality validation before recording extensively

  • All parties must use headphones

  • Start with the provided template and modify as needed

  • Lower video video Quality to 1 megabit/second or lower

  • Using the Google Chrome browser, click the link to “Start Session Link Pro” and select the Recording option from the drop down menu

  • Login to the system with the credentials you created during the subscription process

  • In the upper left corner of the screen, configure your microphone input and sound output from coreaudio devices in your Mac or PC
    • Optionally, install Source Nexus and loop audio and select it for audio output, looping through for Pro Tools recording

  • In the lower left corner, under Client Invitation, select Create Session Link and enter the email of the actor or director

  • When others join, they will appear in the lower right corner under “Available Connections”

  • Click and drag 2 users to the Upper Right, for Remote user 1 & 2


  • Once recording links are complete, from the Session Link Pro website, select Start Session Link Pro and select the Video option

  • In the lower left corner, enter a session name, hit Start Session and Invite Participants, similar to how you initiated the recording session

  • You may now select “Screen Capture for Video Input Device” and share Pro Tools picture to record in sync


  • Mic Placement Examples - try twice the pictured distance for ADR/Dubbing



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