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On Wednesday, September 16, we launched new Asset QC email notifications and an in-app email configuration panel.

  • Actionable, timely email alerts that users can customize according to their unique needs, giving users control over which notifications they get and when they get them.
  • New email design, aligned with the current Netflix design requirements. Creating a consistent brand experience across applications for internal and external users.
  • Suite of email events, additional context and data points within the emails about the assets being QCed, enabling users to make better and faster decisions.
  • New configuration panel in the Asset QC application that facilitates curation of emails across titles, events, asset types, language and control the email frequency, even “muting” notifications when needed.


On launch, all users will be required to go into Asset QC and turn on your notifications for the first time, except Production Admins. If you are a Studio Admin, Request Manager, QC Vendor or Operator your new notifications will be OFF by default (indicated with a blue dot). This will allow users to activate and setup the events to your particular preference.

With the release of our new email notification workflow, we will also be exposing our “What’s New” in-app product alerts to all external users. What’s New can be found by clicking on the bell icon located in the top-right of the Asset QC UI.


Please log in to Asset QC and follow these instructions as soon as possible to avoid missing any critical notifications.

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