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  • Pro Tools – Record Discrete Audio


  • 24fps Timecode
  • 24bit / 48.000 kHz sample rate
  • Program start at 01:00:00:00
  • Session Naming
    • Convention: Title Abbreviation_PDX for Production or _SCR for Scratch, Session Number (3 digits)_Actors Initials_Date
    • Example: TWB_PDX_002_LC_20180821


  • Primary Mic: Neumann U87
    • Neumann U87 must have Voice-less pop-screen (Popper Stopper or Stedman, not Foam Ball)
    • Record to Pro Tools Track 1
  • Secondary Mic: Neumann TLM 170, Neumann U87a or similar large diaphragm condenser microphone.
    • Secondary mic is placed 6 inches behind the primary mic (further from talent than primary mic)
    • Use hyper-cardioid mode (the purpose of secondary mic is to buffer unexpected over-modulations)
    • Record to Pro Tools Track 2


  • Focusrite Red 7
  • Neve 1073
  • BAE 1028
  • Avalon 737
  • Millennia HV-3

* If the preamps above are not available, please specify which preamp you will use


  • Export Mono WAV of Channel 1 (Primary) and Channel 2 (Secondary) for each session

  • For dual-talent recordings, export Stereo Interleaved WAV files for each mic 
    • WAV File 1 (U87): Talent 1 on left, Talent 2 on right
    • WAV File 2 (U87a): Talent 1 on left, Talent 2 on right
  • Rename WAV files, and append timecode of audio start:
    • Single-Talent Convention: Title Abbreviation_PDX for Production or _SCR for Scratch, Session Number (3 digits)_Date_Timecode
    • Single-Talent ExampleTWB_PDX_002_20180821_01000015.wav
  • Dual-talent files should additionally be appended with mic:
    • Dual-Talent Convention: Title Abbreviation_PDX for Production or _SCR for Scratch, Session Number (3 digits)_Date_Timecode_Mic
    • Dual-Talent ExampleTWB_PDX_002_20180821_01000030_stereoU87a.wav
  • Send WAV files to production via Aspera Faspex soon as possible (same-day).


  • Export Mono WAV of each take and label accordingly.

    • All audio should be provided, even flubbed lines.
  • Rename WAV files, and adhere to following Naming Conventions:
    • Take Convention:




*Verify preference with your show.

    • Take Example Line 1TWB101_Dragon_LC_01_L001.wav 
    • Take Example Multiple Lines: TWB101_Dragon_LC_02_L001-003.wav 
    • The take names need to match the circle take script.
    • The takes can include multiple lines and reads of each line.
    • The file name should include line numbers. If multiple lines were recorded on one take then the range of line numbers should be included.
    • The most important thing is that all labeling should match the takes indicated on the circle take script. (This might be using numbers or letters depending on the note taker, either way the take number must match.)
  • For remote/ISDN sessions, please scan a copy of the Note Takers circle script to send to the remote stage. This will help the engineer to accurately file label.
  • Send WAV files to production via Aspera Faspex soon as possible (same-day).


A/V Cart

  • Provide a Video Monitor (with speakers) for video reference playback on stage
  • Video interface cables and adapters (HDMI, Mini-Display, etc) should be available for hookup to show laptop

Laptop w/ Zoom (Or Video Chat Equivalent)

  • Provide a laptop with HD camera if remote participation is needed
  • Mic Input to Zoom (or equivalent) should be fed from studio mics (not the onboard laptop mic)

Video Reference Capture

  • Production will provide HD camera to record talent for performance reference
  • Stage to Provide Audio Feed: XLR Audio Feed will run from Pro Tools to HD camera
  • Stage to Provide LTC Timecode: XLR connector will feed HD Camera timecode for video reference recording


Change Log:

-10/02/2020: Amended  Series naming conventions to include secondary option.

-01/27/2020: Amended  Series deliverables to include record session Take callout instructions when applicable.

-01/09/2020: Amended Series deliverables to include Circle Take script to remote studios.

-11/15/2019: Amended Series Naming Conventions to minimize exports.

-10/30/2019: Amended Deliverables to add Series Naming Conventions.

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