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Workspaces is a very useful tool within each project of Content Hub, which provides user functionality such as file staging, file submission to REQUESTS, and collaboration with others via file sharing. Workspaces functions as your own personal drive within the project. You may upload files directly to your workspace, and access files which have been shared with you by others on a project.

Workspaces is divided into two sections, “My Workspace” & “Workspace Shares”. “My Workspace” is where a user can upload files directly. Visibility into a Workspace is limited to the user. No one else can access or view a users Workspace unless the user shares a file/s or folder with another user. The sharee will have access to the shared files within their “Workspace Shares”.

Workspaces it is NOT a long-term archive solution. An upload to Workspace alone does not equate to having met the archival delivery requirements.


Figure A

Workspace Uploading

Click on the blue Upload button. A pop-up will appear where you can drag and drop, or select your files to upload.


Figure B


Workspace File Sharing

When sharing a file or folder with another user, the sharee will have access to the assets within their Workspace Shares. To Share assets, select the assets you wish to share, then click the SHARE icon which populated in the blue banner at the bottom of the screen.Workspace_Share.gif

Figure C

Once the Share modal populates, enter the email address of the person you wish to share the asset/s with. If you wish you share with more than one person, you may enter multiple emails.

Before sharing, you have the options to grant the sharee certain permissions regarding the assets you are sharing.



Figure D

CAN SHARE = Allow the sharee to share the assets with others

CAN UPDATE = Allow the sharee to make changes to the asset (ie change the filename, submit to REQUESTS, and delete)

EXPIRATION DATE = Sets a specific date on which the sharee will no longer have access to the shared assets.


You also have the option to share pertinent information regarding the file share by typing a message in the notes field. The message will pass through in the email notification which is sent after the share is complete.

*Note - When sharing assets, the sharee will automatically be granted the ability to download the assets. This cannot be disabled.


To modify the permissions of a shared file/s, or to revoke all access to the file/s, hover over the desired files and a few icons will populate to the left of the file/s. Then click the “i” icon.



Figure E


Submitting to REQUESTS from Workspaces

You have the option to submit deliverables to REQUESTS directly from Workspaces. At any time after you have uploaded an asset to Workspaces, click on the desired file/s you wish to submit (1) and then click the SUBMIT (2) icon as seen below…



Figure F


In the bottom left of the screen, the open REQUESTS for the projects will populate. Let us say for this example, we would like to submit the “WonVie_EP201_2TRK_FX_STEM_2398_R.wav” file to the 2.0  Near Field Audio Stems REQUEST for episode 1. Select the REQUEST as seen in the screenshot below then click SUBMIT. The file will then be submitted to the request as if it was uploaded directly to the REQUESTS tab.



Figure G

If you are submitting to a Request that is in a Redelivery state you will have the option to clear any existing files before submitting new files. Click on the desired file/s you wish to submit and then click the SUBMIT icon. Select the REQUEST, toggle on 'Clear existing files' and then click SUBMIT. 


Figure H

*Note - Once the file is submitted, it will disappear from the WORKSPACE.

Workspace Move Functionality

  • Move files or folders between existing folders in your workspace.
  • Create a new folder and move files into it.
  • Move files from within a folder to the root of your workspace.
  • When moving files or folders, your changes will be reflected in shared folders.
  • Select multiple files and folders and move them.

Workspace Sort Functionality

  • You may sort assets by column. After sorting a column, the sort order will be maintained when opening additional folders.
  • A column with opposing arrows is sortable..




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