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What is the Pegasus Desktop Client?

The Pegasus Desktop Client is a new tool that enables you to set up automatic downloads of assets from Content Hub to your local storage. Pegasus Desktop Client credentials are valid for two weeks. The Pegasus Desktop Client will need to be restarted every two weeks to renew your credentials. 



System Requirements

  • MacOS Sierra (version 10.12) or greater
  • Windows 10 or greater.
  • Linux
    • Ubuntu LTS releases 16.04 or greater
    • Fedora 26 or greater


Download Installer

Click HERE to download the Pegasus Desktop Client for MacOS.


Download (Beta) Installers

Click HERE to download the Pegasus Desktop Client for Windows.

Click HERE to download the Pegasus Desktop Client for Linux.


Installation Instructions 

MacOS Install

Right click the DMG and select "Open". You may be prompted to “trust” the application during this step.

Once the DMG has been opened, drag the Pegasus app into Applications.



Windows Install

Run the executable to install the client on your system.


Linux Install

Change ownership of the Pegasus-#.#.#.AppImage and run it


$ chmod u+x ./Pegasus-0.0.18.AppImage

$ ./Pegasus-0.0.18.AppImage


Running Pegasus Desktop Client

When the app is launched, you will be prompted to log in with your credentials.


You can verify that a download subscription has been configured by checking the Information tab.

You may not see a Mailbox subscription on first client start up. See the section below on configuring Mailbox subscriptions for more information on managing your auto-downloads.


Mailbox subscriptions

When downloads start, you should see a progress bar in the Ongoing transfers section along with counts for files available, downloaded, and total count. For more information on configuring download location and troubleshooting, see the section below.


Mailbox subscriptions allow you to opt-in to downloads across the multiple shows and types of asset deliveries you are working on. Each subscription is off by default and needs to be enabled after the initial Pegasus Desktop client installation. Your selections are persistent -- even after you reboot the computer that the client is running on.

Mailbox subscriptions are tied to each Pegasus Desktop Client instance, which means that you can configure different subscriptions to run on different machine. For example, you can use this feature to subscribe to VFX Shot deliveries for two different shows onto two separate machines.

Note that if the mailbox subscription is enabled on two clients, they will both receive the auto-download.

Finally, if a subscription is greyed out, this indicates that the subscription is inactive and you will no longer receive updates. Subscriptions will be greyed out after a show wraps.


Where are the files downloaded?

By default files are downloaded to 

macOS and Linux: 




You can edit the netflix_pegasus_client_config.json config file to change root destination path for the downloads. The netflix_pegasus_client_config.json file will be auto generated after the first app start.


cat ~/Library/Application\ Support/pegasus-electron-client/netflix_pegasus_client_config.json

 {"downloadLocation": "/Users/userName/PegasusDownloads_new"}




cat ~/.config/pegasus-electron-client/netflix_pegasus_client_config.json

{"downloadLocation": "/Users/userName/PegasusDownloads_new"}


cat $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pegasus-electron-client/netflix_pegasus_client_config.json

 {"downloadLocation": "/Users/userName/PegasusDownloads_new"}


Please note the following:

  • The app needs to be restarted in order for the download location change to take effect.
  • The download location configured in netflix_pegasus_client_config.json must exist and be writable.
  • If the configured directory is missing or not writable on app startup, the client will fallback to ~/PegasusDownloads/ or %USERPROFILE%\PegasusDownloads\ on Windows.
  • You can see the effective download location under the “Information” tab.


Auto Update

When the application starts it will check for availability of a new version. The new version will be auto-downloaded and will take effect after restart. You’ll be notified once the new version has been downloaded and is ready for restart.




Release Notes

0.0.18 - 2020-11-30

  • Improve start reliability of auto-downloads for transfers with a large file count.

0.0.17 - 2020-08-24

  • Now being notarized by Apple and newer builds will no longer receive the “untrusted” warnings on macOS.

0.0.16 - 2020-07-08

  • Enhanced client event reporting and bug fixes.

0.0.15 - 2020-06-11

  • Internal updates and security patches

0.0.13 - 2020-04-15

  • Feature: Added capability for streaming downloads through submissions.
  • Feature: Added ability to clear completed downloads from queue.

0.0.12 - 2019-12-11

  • Bugfix: Auto-downloads are no longer grouped together. Each auto-download transfer creates a separate transfer progress bar
  • Feature: Self-service Mailbox subscriptions (see: “Mailbox Subscriptions” section of this doc)
  • Feature: Unique download folders for each show/movie/title. (see: “Where are the files downloaded?” section of this doc)
  • Feature: Full folder path is displayed in the transfer progress bar as well as the submission info provided by the sender

0.0.11 - 2019-09-24

  • Display the folder name in the transfer progress bar with a folder open button
  • Enhanced internal transfer logging 

Debugging Information

Log Files

Application logs are stored in the following directories.


~/Library/Application\ Support/pegasus-electron-client/



Linux logs:





Launch the app in debug mode

Close the application and start it via command line in debug mode …


$ DEBUG=pegasus:* /Applications/Pegasus.app/Contents/MacOS/Pegasus


cmd /c “set DEBUG=pegasus:*& %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\pegasus-electron-client\Pegasus.exe”


$ DEBUG=pegasus:*&./Pegasus-0.0.16.AppImage

Get Client ID of the app


cat ~/Library/Application\ Support/pegasus-electron-client/netflix_pegasus_client_id




cat ~/.config/pegasus-electron-client/netflix_pegasus_client_id


Troubleshooting client offline alerts

  • Please make sure the machine on which the Pegasus Desktop Client was installed is online and is connected to the internet

  • Ensure that the Pegasus Desktop Client application is started and running

  • Verify that the antenna symbol displayed on the top right section of the app is green

  • If the Pegasus Desktop client does not start up or the antenna symbol does not turn green shortly after the client is started, please ensure that your machine and network infrastructure allows access to Netflix services as listed in our IP allow listing documentation




Q: Why am I seeing one transfer progress bar when I receive multiple deliveries?

A: If the desktop client picks up multiple deliveries on a single “check-in” these deliveries will be grouped together into a single download session.


Q: Why don't I see any subscriptions after I finished installation?

A: You may not see a subscription id on first client start up. If after application restart you are still missing you subscription, please contact platform-support-ticket@svc.netflix.net and we will help troubleshoot with you. 




  • Added credential expiration date and how to renew






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