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We have released a full update to our Backlot email notifications. This includes:

  • Audited all 20+ existing email events; reformatting and harmonizing subject lines and re-writing the contents of the emails to include relevant and actionable information for our users. We also added two new types of notifications, reminders for source requests with upcoming and overdue estimated delivery dates.

  • Consolidated and optimized event processing for better efficiency, streamlined maintenance and analytics.

  • Introduced a new email "look and feel", establishing a consistent brand experience across applications for internal and external users.



What's Next: In early 2021, we will build a new in-app email configuration panel. Our goal is to replace the current functionality users leverage in Starship to manage emails with full support to curate and customize notifications directly in Backlot. In addition, we also plan on adding new notifications requested by the users, as well as adding optimizations for existing notifications.

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