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The VFX MEI is our recommended template for providing media embedded information such as slates and overlays on media deliveries by vfx vendors. This quick start guide has the information to get started using the template, refer to the full documentation for further details.



This .zip package that includes documentation, Nuke template (.nk), Photoshop template (.psd), and example files.

Download Link



All submissions should have a slate frame included in the same resolution and format as the media.

Slates should be on the first frame of the media, and be 1 frame in duration.

Slates should include a thumbnail frame.

All fields and features should be inside of the final picture area.

A guide should be shown to indicate the final picture area on the slate frame.

A vendor logo may be added.

These are the fields that should be included on each slate:


MEI Standard Fields

Field Name



The show codename

Submitting For

Submission intent of the version [WIP, FINAL]

Version Name

The name of the version


Date in format YYYY-MM-DD

Shot/Asset Types

The list of shot types (see here for list of values)

VFX Scope Of Work

The total vfx scope of work.

Submission Note

Vendor’s note to production.


Vendor‘s name + location (optionally).

Shot/Asset Name

The name of the shot/asset.


The first-last (duration) of the media.

Media Color

The colorspace the media is in. ie rec709/show lut or other information about color that needs to be conveyed.

Additional Show Specific Fields



If an IVY Technical Workflow Sheet is being used for this production it should be considered the source of truth for the slate field requirements.

A Sample Slate:



Overlays (aka burn ins or chyrons) should be included on all non final media. *

Overlays should not be 100% white

Overlays should be inside of any letterboxing.

*Unless otherwise specified by editorial/production.


Overlay fields and positioning should be:



Overlay example


In this example, there is no letterboxing so the slate fields are overlaid on the image. If there is already a letterbox applied to the video then overlays should be kept inside the letterbox and not overlap the image.


Template Implementations

The mei package includes reference templates that have been implemented in both Nuke and Photoshop. 


The Nuke slate template has been created with v10.5 but should be backwards compatible and is provided as a single group node with fields to provide all of the inputs. The Nuke template has a configuration tab that can be used to set options for slate size, final cropping, fonts and scaling. The template will automatically remove non-required fields that are blank and automatically crop fields that are too long. Both of these behaviors are configurable per field on the field groups inside the template. Refer to the hover text on the knobs for information on each function. 


A Nuke overlay template has been provided as well with controls for sizing and color.



The photoshop templates have been provided to implement the template in other applications such as After Effects. All fields and text areas provided in layers and laid out for a UHD frame with no final crop. Sizing adjustments may be required based on the deliverable format. The photoshop slate template indicates the area for the thumbnail and vendor logo.






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