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*Must Haves:

Chrome Browser

Latest version of Aspera Connect installed ( found here)

If using a Google Chromebook, you will not be able to upload or download assets since Aspera Connect cannot be installed.

 ***Please note: Content Hub is currently not compatible with LINUX.

Once assigned by the Post Manager, an uploader may upload assets to the corresponding “request” via the REQUESTS tab.


As an uploader, you will only see the requests you or the company for which you are employed have been assigned.

For this example, let’s say that I am employed by “Company A”, and the Sound Mastering deliverables have been assigned to Company A. When I log in to Content Hub and access the project, I will only see the Sound Mastering requests on the REQUESTS tab.


To initiate an upload to a request, and we will use the 2.0 Near Field Audio Stems request  in the screenshot above, simply click on the request row (1). A new row will populate below the request. If no files have previously been uploaded, you will see the option to “UPLOAD FILES” (2).3.png

Once you click “UPLOAD FILES”, the dialogue box below will appear. Here, the Deliverable you are preparing to upload is shown, as well as a description of the Deliverable. You have the option to drag and drop your file/s into the dialogue box, or you may navigate to the file/s on your computer by clicking “OR SELECT FILES” (3).


Once you have dragged and dropped or navigated to your files, click “UPLOAD”. Aspera Connect will initiate and the upload will commence.


You will be able to monitor the progress of the upload by opening the Aspera Connect window.


*NOTE For Picture Mastering assets (Non-Graded Archival Masters, Graded Archival Masters, Video Display Masters), please enter the required metadata before upload. 

Enter metadata if submitting to Requests via Workspaces:


Enter metadata if uploading directly to the Request via the Request tab:


Once the upload is complete, most Deliverables which are uploaded to the REQUESTS tab (or submitted via Workspaces) will undergo a verification process, and if the verification completes without reporting an issue, you will need to SUBMIT the file/files which you’ve uploaded.

By default, the checkbox within the upload dialogue box next to "Once all files finish uploading, automatically submit files to studio" will be checked. You have to option to de-select and SUBMIT manually. To accomplish this, review your upload to make sure you have uploaded the correct files to the correct request, then click the check-box to the left of the request (1). Next, click SUBMIT (2).10.png

The STATUS will update from OPEN to PROCESSED.

If a REDELIVERY is required after upload, you may delete the previously delivered files by clicking the “x” to the left of the file/s. If the file/s have been submitted and are in the PROCESSED or ACCEPTED state, please reach out to your Post Manager so they can re-open the Request. Once the request has been re-opened, you may drag and drop the replacement or new files directly on to the request for upload.

Request STATUS breakdown:

OPEN - Open for delivery. Or, assets have been uploaded but have not been submitted.

PROCESSED - Assets have been uploaded and submitted but have not been Accepted.

SUBMITTED - Assets have been uploaded and are being verified.

REDELIVERY - Assets have been uploaded but have been updated to receive additional or replacement assets.

ACCEPTED - Post has confirmed receipt of the uploaded assets.



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