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Want to know who has access to an asset?  You can see this information in the “People” tab!

For each version of an asset, you can:

  • View who the asset is shared with and when their access will expire

  • View the Domains that have access

  • View who is in each Domain

  • Search for someone by name to see if they have access

See who has access to an asset

1. Navigate to the asset


2. Hover over the thumbnail

3. Select the ( i ) icon

4. In the side panel, select the People tab


5. See who the asset is shared with.


6. You’ll see:

  • If the person can download 
  • When the share expires


7. See who the asset is released to.

You’ll see a list of Domains and the date each Domain got access.


8. Expand the Domains to see who is on that team.


9. Search for someone by name, to see if they have access. 

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