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Netflix proxies in Backlot and their underlying workflows have been updated to improve both proxy quality and download availability. 

What's Changed? 

  1. Netflix Proxy Quality
    Netflix proxy resolutions have been increased to 1920x1080p where applicable. Sources with lower resolutions will retain their native resolutions.

  2. Netflix Proxy Download Availability
    For any source materials that have been ingested as of March 1st, 2021, Netflix has created a pool of pre-generated user-level watermarked proxies which should provide significantly improved access to proxies once the primary A/V source has been successfully ingested.  

    This new watermarking service provides a more consistent, reliable pool of high-quality Netflix proxies available for download. Thanks to this new service, we are now able to formally decommission the availability of a "Low Quality Final Proxy" option in Backlot (640x360p), which was previously used as an interim stop-gap solution until higher-res, watermarked proxies could become available. 

    In rare scenarios where the final proxy is not readily available, users will generate an "ad-hoc watermarking request" when attempting to download the proxy from Backlot (see figure 1): 


Figure 1
Backlot Messaging for "Ad hoc" watermarking request

Users will then receive an email notification once the ad hoc task is complete with a direct link to the corresponding source request detail page where they can download the proxy (see figure 2): 


Figure 2
Email Confirming Download Availability after "Ad hoc" watermarking request


  1. Watermark Changes
    We have stabilized the UUID watermark.  It is now statically placed at the bottom of the image (no longer bouncing): 

Figure 3


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