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When submitting files to Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN) you have the ability to use PyChapi to facilitate your deliveries.  This article provides a walkthrough of how to build your local delivery folder,  upload your delivery folder to Content Hub, and then submit your delivery. 

High-Level Workflow Walkthrough

If this is your first time using the Python API, please install PyChapi

  1. Build your local delivery folder. 
  2. Upload your delivery folder to your personal workspace in Content Hub. 
  3. Submit your delivery to the Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN)

Building Your Local Delivery Folder

As part of the requirements for submitting a delivery to the Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN), each submission will need to follow a naming convention. It is recommended that the folder for each submission utilizes the following naming convention:

  • <project code>_<partner code>_YYYYMMDD_##
    • Example: abc_xyz_20211006_01
      • This is saying ‘This first package was sent on October 6, 2021 from XYZ (Partner Code) on the show ABC (Show Code)’. 

In addition the root level of the folder should also contain a CSV manifest that meets the following naming convention: 

  • abc_xyz_20211006_01/abc_xyz_20211006_01.csv

Then stage all of the files that will be delivered to Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN) in your folder.  Files in your folder can be organized in any way, but should match what is described in the CSV manifest.

Uploading Your Delivery Folder To Your Workspace in Content Hub

Using PyChapi upload your delivery folder to your personal workspace in Content Hub by running the following command:

chapi copyToWorkspace --projectId <project ID provided by Netflix> --folder  <path to local folder> --destPath <parent folder name to be copied to in content hub workspace>


chapi copyToWorkspace --projectId 8abb6f50-db69-11ea-8b57-0a0b4655068f --folder /local_packages/abc_xyz_20211006_01 --destPath 'stage'

Once you have completed this step, you will be able to see the folder and its contents in the Content Hub UI under the ‘My Workspaces’ section. Additionally, at this point in the workflow, the pipeline has not started and has not been shared with the Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN) yet.


Submit Delivery To Netflix Animation Studio

Once your delivery folder has been uploaded to your personal workspace in Content Hub, you can start the delivery pipeline to send the files to Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN).

chapi pipeline start --name incomingvendordelivery --parameters '

{"submissionId": <name of the submission>,

 “projectId”: <project ID provided by Netflix>,

 "description": <description of the delivery>,

 "sourcePath": <path to the folder in your workspace to deliver>}’


chapi pipeline start --name incomingvendordelivery --parameters '

{"submissionId": “abc_xyz_20211006_01”,

 “projectId”: “8abb6f50-db69-11ea-8b57-0a0b4655068f”,

 "description": “media for lighting review”,

 "sourcePath": “/stage/abc_xyz_20211006_01”}’

Ensure that the submissionID is unique and follows the same naming convention as the delivery folder.

  • <project code>_<vendor code>_YYYYMMDD_<package number>
    • e.g. abc_xyz_20211006_01

For this specific delivery pipeline, the ‘name’ will always be incomingvendordelivery since it is the name of the pipeline you are calling and not the name of the delivery.



Notifications will be sent out to all users that have been onboarded to the pipeline in the following cases:

  • If the contents of the package do not match the delivery manifest, users will be notified of missing files and/or metadata. The delivery process will still continue even when these errors are found.
  • After the delivery pipeline has completed, users will be notified that the pipeline has completed successfully and all files have been delivered to Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN). The email will also contain a link to the folder in Content Hub and a summary of the total number of files transferred.

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