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Access to any Netflix e-learning courses is managed through Starship, Netflix’s user account management platform.  Please note that you will see all e-learning courses but please only onboard users to the courses that apply to your needs. A detailed list of all the e-learning courses can be found at the end of this article. 

Before you begin onboarding your Netflix Contact will give you Starship admin privileges for Production Academy and the test project, Home Theater Demo - MID (70030433). 


Figure A

Once you have these permissions you are ready to onboard any of your users to E-learning by following the below steps. 

  1. Log into Starship.
  2. Search for the user you wish to onboard. You will only be able to onboard users who are set up under the same facility as you. 


    Figure B

  3. Select Onboard.Onboard_Clean_Highlight.png

    Figure C

  4. Select Next. Next_Clean_Highlight.png

    Figure D

  5. Click Select Roles.Select_Roles_Clean_Highlight.png

    Figure E

  6. Select Academy User then use the Home Theater Demo - MID (70030433).  Then select Add Select Roles. Roles_Video_GIF.gif

    Figure F

  7. Click Grant Roles. 

    Grant_Roles_Highlight.pngFigure G

  8. Fill in Crew Department, country, and then select the courses you wish to assign.  Lastly select save metadata. Crew_and_Course_INFO_GIF.gif

Figure H

The user will then get an email with a link to Production Academy or you can share a direct link to Production Academy. Here is a complete list of the courses available to you can onboard to along with a brief description. 

Long Course Name Starship Tag Course Description
Welcome to IMF IMF101 Learn, why we use IMF, what exactly goes into an IMF package and how using IMF benefits Netflix and its partners
Creating Your IMP IMF102 Learn how to create your IMP based on the Netflix guidelines and specifications.
Using Backlot to Fulfill IMF IMF103 Learn how to submit a complete and supplemental IMP using Backlot
External Content Hub - Overview ECH_Overview Learn what is Content Hub and how you can access the app.
External Content Hub - Collaborating on the Delivery List ECH_DL Learn what the Content Hub Delivery List is and how it is used at Netflix.
External Content Hub - Delivering Archival Assets To Netflix ECH_Archival Learn the different ways to deliver your archival assets and how to monitor the status of your assets in Content Hub.
External Content Hub - Delivering a Locked Cut ECH_LockedCut Learn how to upload your locked cut, required metadata tagging, and the release workflow.
External Content Hub - Storing and Sharing Media via Workspace and Assets ECH_Sharing Learn the different ways to store and share your media in Content Hub.
External Content Hub - Downloading Media ECH_Download Learn the different ways to download media that is stored in Content Hub.


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