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We have updated the Backlot "Asset Delivered" Notification setting that will trigger an email to the users that opt-in to receive Asset Delivered notifications. Users will receive an email notification when an asset is delivered and successfully passes the Backlot inspection process. 


How to Set Up The Notification

Step 1: 

The Asset Delivered notification is a custom event which means you will need to manually subscribe to the Asset Delivered notification in order to receive the emails. Navigate to the Email Notification Settings Panel by selecting the gear icon located at the top-right corner of the Backlot UI.




Step 2: 

Select the Asset Delivered option from the drop-down menu.



You may also use the filter options to set up the asset types and the frequency that you wish to receive Asset Delivered notifications.



For further details regarding Backlot's Email Notification Workflow, please refer to this user guide.

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