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Netflix recently updated Backlot to better support titles which include localized graphics/ "secondary" language video IMF deliveries.  This new Single Package Model allows ALL IMPs for a given title/ episode (both the original language/ "baseline" IMF AND any secondary language IMF) to be delivered under the same Package ID in Backlot.  This has required some additional enhancements to Asset QC to support the Single Package Model and associated QC requests for the secondary video IMF deliveries.  

How will these requests be identified?

Any secondary video requests following the single package model will now be tagged accordingly in the Asset QC request UI in the upper left with the title, request, and task details.  You will see "Secondary Video" clearly labeled along with the language associated with that secondary video.


Asset QC Request Logic

  • All fix checks/ redelivery QCs for the original language ("baseline") version will automatically route back to the operator who completed the FIRST IMF QC for that title/episode.  
  • All secondary video IMF QCs will then also automatically route back to that same operator.  
    • The secondary video IMF QCs will maintain the same tiering (Download or Cast) as the baseline version.  
    • However, they will default to a SPOT QC only, since these should be video only supplemental IMPs built off the approved baseline version CPL.  
    • All issues carried over from the baseline version QCs will include a V0 tag (regardless of which redelivery version of the baseline they were initially flagged).  
    • Should any redeliveries be required for any secondary video IMPs, the subsequent Fix Check requests for the secondary video will maintain the V0 tags for issues from the baseline version.  
    • Operators do NOT need to take any additional action for issues signed off as "Creative Intent" or "Best Possible".  These are included to ensure that operators do not re-flag issues that have already been approved.  
    • Operators should review any issues indicated as "Production Will Fix" that occur within localized graphics replacement shots to ensure the same fix originally resolved in the baseline version has been applied to the localized replacement shot in the secondary video.  
    • The issues flagged specifically in the secondary video requests will start with V1 tags and then version up for any additional issues flagged in each redelivery (exactly as our current fix check/ redelivery QC requests function today).  
    • This will hopefully help make it clear which issues are carried over from the baseline version and which issues are specific (and new) to the secondary video versions.  

Additional Notes

  • If there is additional context around the specific localized graphics changes for the secondary video IMPs, it will be shared separately by the Specialist from our team covering that title.  
  • As all secondary video languages will be routing to the same partner, we expect you all to do your due diligence should you identify a new issue in a secondary video QC.  You are responsible for cross checking ALL other languages AND the baseline version and updating accordingly, if something impacts previously QC'd versions.  
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