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When submitting files to Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN) you have the ability to use Content Hub to facilitate your deliveries.  This article provides a walkthrough of how to build your delivery folder, upload your delivery folder to Content Hub, and then submit your delivery. 

High-Level Workflow Walkthrough

If this is your first time using Content Hub, please ensure you read this article

  1. Build your local delivery folder. 
  2. Upload your delivery folder to your personal workspace in Content Hub. 
  3. Create your submission to Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN).
  4. Your submission will be automatically delivered to the Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN). 

Building Your Local Delivery Folder

As part of the requirements for submitting a delivery to the Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN), each submission is required to have a unique name. To help guarantee a unique submission name, it is recommended that the folder for each submission utilizes the following naming convention:

  • <project code>_<partner code>_YYYYMMDD_##
    • This is saying ‘This first package was sent on October 6, 2021 from XYZ (Partner Code) on the show ABC (Show Code)’. 
    • Example: abc_xyz_20211006_01

In addition, the root level of the folder should also contain a CSV manifest. We recommend giving the CSV file the same name as the delivery submission:: 

  • abc_xyz_20211006_01/abc_xyz_20211006_01.csv

Files in your folder can be organized in any way, but should match what is described in the CSV manifest.

in Content Hub 

Uploading happens only in the My Workspace section. To upload to My Workspace, you can:

Drag and drop your delivery folder right in your Workspace. 

Drag_and_Drop_GIF.gifFigure A


Select the blue upload button in the upper right of the screen, then drag or drop your delivery folder in the upload window. You can also navigate to your delivery folder on your computer via the Select Files button. Upload_button.gifFigure B

While your files are uploading, there will be a progress bar and a blue spinning arrow on each file indicating that your files are in the process of uploading. You can also monitor your upload from the Aspera Connect window that will pop up when the upload starts. You may need to refresh the page after your upload has completed for the blue spinning arrow to disappear. 

Creating Your Submission

Now in your Content Hub project select the mailbox tab. 

Mailbox_Highlight.pngFigure C

Select the New Submission button in the upper left corner. This will automatically launch a new submission window. 

New_Submission_Highlight.pngFigure D

 Select Partner Delivery to FAN from the drop-down. 

Drop_down_GIF.gifFigure E

Fill in all necessary fields. 

Source Path will be the name of your delivery folder that was uploaded to workspace. If your Source Path does not match a warning will show sayings, "Please enter a valid source folder."

Description is optional but if you choose to include one it will be visible in Shotgrid as well as any email notifications. 

Submission Name will need to be unique and not contain any illegal characters. We recommend following the same naming convention as your local delivery folder.      


Figure F

Select Submit.

Submit_Highlight.pngFigure G

Your submission is now being processed. Once it is complete your delivery will be automatically made available to Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN) and notifications will automatically be sent to all onboarded users at Feature Animation at Netflix (FAN) and the partner studio that sent the package.


Figure H

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