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Terminology is the new home for Key Names and Phrases (KNP) Management. We have designed a more robust and user friendly tool to provide a better user experience. 


To familiarize yourself with the tool and some of the new functionality, please refer to the following resources:


We have created an entire Terminology tool eLearning course to live in the Netflix Production Academy. Each translator and vendor can access and learn directly in the course. This is a thorough walkthrough of all the features in the tool for KNP Management.


KNP Source Term & Translation Guidelines

These are the updated guidelines previously available in the Partner Help Center or CLQ. These new guidelines will help you familiarize yourself with improved context, examples, and requirements.


Terminology Tool Overview: Key Names and Phrases (KNP)

This overview is similar to the KNP Tool overview article previously available in the Partner Help Center or CLQ and can be used as an additional reference in addition to the in-depth eLearning and overview course built for the new tool.


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