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Error Code:

Unsupported-Color-Primaries (Source video color primaries are not supported)

Error Message:

Please refer to Netflix specification for supported color primaries. Redelivery required. Unsupported Color Primaries: ITU_'X'. Supported: ITU_'X', ... 


Inspection results have determined that the supplied file's color primaries do match any of the acceptable options within our delivery specifications. As such, the file cannot be processed.  


Compare the color primaries of your mezzanine to the deliverable you provided to Netflix. If the deliverable's color primaries appear to have been mistakenly inputted, re-encode the content and take care to select the correct color space/primaries in your transcoder upon re-export. If the color primaries of your mezzanine file do not match the supported color primaries within the Netflix delivery specification, you will need to identify a new source. Otherwise, a creatively reviewed/approved color transformation may be required.

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