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Error Code:

ANALYZER-Audio-ChannelSpecMismatch (Audio channel order may be incorrect)

Error Message:

Input channel order of [L,R,C,LFE,LS,RS] does not agree with ChannelSpec model


Our automated ingest checks found the audio channel mappings do not fit the model for correct channel mapping therefore the channels may be in an incorrect order.

For example, we expect to receive 5.1 audio in the following order:

Channel 1: Left

Channel 2: Right

Channel 3: Center

Channel 4: Low Frequency Effect (LFE)

Channel 5: Left Surround

Channel 6: Right Surround

...however, the file may have been delivered incorrectly using the following order:

Channel 1: Left

Channel 2: Center

Channel 3: Right

Channel 4: Left Surround

Channel 5: Right Surround

Channel 6: Low Frequency Effect (LFE)


Please check that the provided channel mapping is correct for the audio channel order present in the file.

Open the file within your editing software and view the waveforms. On most occasions, it is possible to visually confirm what order the channels are in by looking at the audio meters or waveforms of the audio within an editor.

If you have a 5.1 speaker setup then route your audio within your editing software to match the order we require and play the audio back through your surround sound speakers. Check if the anticipated audio is being emitted by the correct speaker i.e. Dialogue should be predominant in the center speaker, the front left/right speakers will contain music and effects at a reasonable level, while the surround left/right might contain music and effects at a lower level and there may be a slight reverb present.

If you do not have a surround sound setup then isolate each channel and listen to each one.