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Content Hub - Preparing Picture Mastering Assets



Picture Archival Assets

Deliverable File Formats

Non-graded Archival Master (NAM)

  • 16-bit uncompressed EXR (.exr) in ACES, or camera's Linear color space
  • 10 or 16-bit DPX (.dpx) in camera's Log color space *

Graded Archival Master (GAM)

  • 16-bit uncompressed EXR (.exr) in ACES, or camera's Linear color space
  • 10 or 16-bit DPX (.dpx) in camera's Log color space *
  • LUTs in .cube format

Video Display Master (VDM)

  • HDR: 16-bit uncompressed TIFF (.tiff) in Display Color Space (PQ P3-D65)
    • Dolby Vision metadata (.xml) to be included as a sidecar file
  • SDR: 10 or 16-bit DPX (.dpx) in Display Color Space (Rec. 709) *
  • DCDM: 16-bit uncompressed TIFF (.tiff) in Display Color Space (XYZ)

* When working with RAW or 16-bit source media, archival assets should be rendered at 16-bit.



Auxiliary Archival Assets

The following auxiliary assets are to be included with picture archive assets:

  1. Framing Chart
  2. Viewing Transforms
  3. Color Correction Projects



Folder and File Naming Structure

Legal and Illegal Characters

  • Legal characters: [ a-z ], [ A-Z ], [ 0-9 ], [ . ], [ _ ], [ - ]
  • ILLEGAL: spaces or any other symbols/characters

Folder Structure

DI Assets now have a folder structure which is shorter and concise. Please follow the examples illustrated below:

Deliverable Name


Non-graded Archival Master


Graded Archival Master


Video (Display) Master


Digital Cinema Distribution Master






Project Title



Episode / Reel # / Longplay

s[##]e[##] or r[##]

s01e01, s01e02, r01, r02

Note: Longplay does not use a designation

Deliverable Name

(see table above)

[deliverable name]

nam, gam, vdm, dcdm

Dynamic Range

(not required for NAM or GAM)

 [dynamic range]

dolby_hdr, sdr

Color Space

[color space]

sgamut3, rec709, p3d65, xyz, aces

Transfer Function / Gamma

[transfer function]

slog3, pq, g24, g26, linear



3840x2160, 4096x2160

Note: the above values are required for VDM. Other values are supported for NAM, GAM and DCDM



Folder Naming Examples

DI Assets now have a folder structure which is shorter and concise. Please follow the examples illustrated below:

chefs_table_s01e01/vdm_dolby_hdr/3840x2160/File sequence.######.tiff

Features by reel:
Bright/reel_01/dcdm_sdr_xyz/2048x858/File sequence.######.tiff
Bright/reel_02/dcdm_sdr_xyz/2048x858/File sequence.######.tiff
Bright/reel_03/dcdm_sdr_xyz/2048x858/File sequence.######.tiff

Features longplay:
NOTE: No title folder needed
vdm_dolby_hdr/3840x2160/File sequence.######.tiff



File Sequence Naming

File names should include the information below separated by underscores:


chefs_table_s01e01_vdm_sdr_rec709_g24_20160430_178_3840x2160.#######.dpx, .tiff, .exr




  • For textless or other versioned inserts, reel numbering and frame numbering of textless should match the texted sections, and provide the entire shot.
  • Textless end credits do not require a distinct naming convention; they should be submitted alongside the rest of the textless sections.



Framing Charts

A framing chart image must be delivered to define the mapping from camera source resolution to final presentation resolution.  Specific requirements are listed below:

  • A unique framing chart should be supplied for each camera with a unique capture resolution.
  • Framing charts should be supplied at the original camera capture resolution. 



Viewing Transforms

All output viewing transforms or Look-Up Tables (LUTs) used in color grading must be delivered. LUTs should be delivered .cube format; there is no requirement for LUT dimensions.

File Naming

For a LUT to be useful, it is important that its file name be descriptive as to its application.  It must be easy to understand at a glance.




Project Title



Season / Episode (if applicable) / Longplay

s[season##]e[episode##] or  r[reel##] or lp[longplay]

s01e01, s011e02 or s01 or lp

Input Colorspace


vlog_vgamut, slog3_sgamut3




Output Colorspace


rec709_g24, dci_p3, pq_p3d65

Light Level / Max Luminance (if applicable)

Max Luminance

10000nits, 14fl, 100nits

Signal Range IN & OUT

F = full/extended

L = legal/head



LUT Example:




Color Correction Projects

All available final color correction projects should be delivered (Examples: Resolve .drp, Baselight .blscene) 


Change Log:


  • Folder and File Naming Structure: Added "GAM" not required for Dynamic Range.


  • Folder Structure: Removed "lp" designation for Longplay content. Requirement to include "Creation Date & Render #" in the folder structure has been removed. Requirements to list "Language version if other than OV" has been removed.
  • Folder Naming Examples: Updated to reflect new short/concise folder structure.
  • File Naming Examples: Updated to "File Sequence Naming" to provide clarity that guidelines in this section refer to the image sequence itself.


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