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Ad Creative Source Specification



10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 seconds

Track Conformance

File should contain only 1 video and 1 audio track

Duration Conformance

Video and audio track durations should match with tolerance of 500 ms 



Mime Types

video/mp4 for MP4

video/quicktime for MOV




Preferred: Apple ProRes
Accepted: H.264

Closed GoP only

Applicable to H.264 in MP4

Chroma Subsampling

Prores: 4:2:2

H.264: 4:2:0

Color Primaries


Transfer Function



H.264 in MP4: 8

Prores in MOV: 8, 10, 12, 16

Frame Rate

23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30

Frame Rate Mode


Profile (for MOV)

Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 (LT)

Profile (for H.264)

Baseline, Main, High

Display Aspect Ratio



●      1920x1080 HD

●      1280x720 HD

Scan Type


Picture Quality

Ad creative should have sufficient bitrate such that encoding artifacts are not visible. Ad may run on large screens, alongside premium content, so it is important to have comparable quality between the two.

Bitrate (for H.264)

Greater than (8Mbps for 720p & 12Mbps for 1080p)

Bitrate (for MOV)

Greater than (42Mbps for 720p & 80Mbps for 1080p)

Letter/Pillar Boxing

  • Ad creative with letter/pillar boxing is allowed but not recommended as it may display differently on some devices. 
  • Letter/pillar boxing areas should not be used for additional graphics, copy, subtitles, etc. and must be black only. Exceptions can be made for legal disclaimers and terms and conditions.  
  • Letter/pillar boxing can be used for creative intent and may change in dimensions during the creative.
  • Letterboxing and Pillarboxing should never exceed 37% of the viewable area.

Safe Zone Recommendation*

It is recommended to place text and logos inside an inner rectangle with 38 pixels (3.5%) on each side and 67 pixels (3.5%) on the top and bottom from the edges of a 1920x1080 resolution.

* Many TV devices have a setting called “Overscan” which can cause the screen to zoom in slightly, cropping off part of the content. Because this is a device-level setting, the Netflix app has no awareness or control of the setting. Therefore, it’s suggested to keep any important UI within the safe zone described here.




Preferred: PCM
Accepted: AAC-LC


2 channel stereo

Audio Bitrate

192kbps minimum (applicable for AAC-LC)

Audio Sample Bit Depth

16 or 24 bit (applicable for PCM)

Audio Sample Rate


CALM Compliance

●      Average program loudness of -24LKFS ±2

●      Sample peaks do not exceed -2dB

Netflix reserves the right to apply audio (such as fading) and video adjustments to provide a consistent member experience. Netflix also reserves the right to include product features such as those noting content is an ad or the number of ads in an ad break. This will not alter the intent of the ad creative.

Ad creative may not contain pixels or cookies or otherwise collect or attempt to collect data from Netflix or its  members.