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Error Code:

Unsupported-Colorimetry (Source video colorimetry is not supported)

Error Message:

Please refer to Netflix specification for supported color colorimetry. Redelivery required.
Unsupported Color Primaries: ITU_'X'. Supported: ITU_'X', ... 
Unsupported Transfer Characteristics: ITU_'X'. Supported ITU_'X', ...
Unsupported combo of Color Sampling: YUV/RGB and Singal Range 'X' for a width x height source. Supported: 'X'


Inspection results have determined that the supplied file's colorimetry and/or color encoding/sampling do not adhere to our delivery specifications. As such, the file cannot be processed.   


Compare the colorimetry and color encoding/sampling of your mezzanine to the deliverable you provided to Netflix. If the deliverable's colorimetry and color encoding appears to have been mistakenly inputted, re-encode the content and take care to select the correct colorimetry and color encoding/sampling in your transcoder upon re-export. If the colorimetry of your mezzanine file does not match the supported colorimetry within the Netflix delivery specification, you will need to identify a new source. Otherwise, a creatively reviewed/approved color transformation may be required.