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Error Code:

Unsupported-Display-Aspect-Ratio (The active region from our inspection of the source video results in a display aspect ratio not found in the Netflix delivery specification. This is often caused by letterboxing or pillarboxing).

Error Message(s):

Please refer to Netflix Specification for supported display aspect ratios. Redelivery required. The automatically detected active region ('W'x'H') from our inspection has an aspect ratio of 'X' instead of 1.78 (16x9) required for the use case Ads Xandr


Our delivery specification requires a display aspect ratio of 16:9 with no letterboxing/pillarboxing. This means that ad content must be delivered as full frame HD where the entire 16:9 (1.78) canvas is comprised of active pixels. No inactive/black pixels resulting in letterboxing/pillarboxing can be present. 


Resupply a new video file delivered in accordance with our delivery specification. If you are unable to deliver to spec without up-resing, please reach out to your Netflix Representative for further guidance. Up-resing is not allowed.