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Error Code:

Audio Pop


"Audio Pop" is a momentary audio artifact that can occur on any channel and manifests as a non-diegetic signal amplification. It is visible on the waveform as a spike in the signal. 


Audio Pop impacts the Content and Technical quality of the asset. The customer experience is adversely affected if a loud pop occurs in silence. Audio pops are rarely creative intent, given the context of a scene.

Severity Structure:


Pop is under dialogue, not distracting or is a mouth noise from the performer or VO actor.


The pop is very loud and stands out in the mix. Pop being present is distracting to the viewing of the content.

How to Prevent:
Monitor inducing of pops during edit. Full review of all audio elements as they interact with each other in the final mix, and manually cleaning up offending elements.

In some cases, audio pops are caused by vocal performances. These can be avoided by having the mic farther away from the mouth, placing the mic above or to the side, and making sure to use a pop stopper. 


If the pop is loud and occurs during dialogue, check the original production audio and replace with the recording if it was not inherent. Depending on the severity, re-recording or ADR may be necessary.

Isolating offending element and adding a 3-4 frame constant power/ fade to smooth the introduced element without significantly affecting the final mix.

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