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Error Code:

Audio Pop


Audio Pop is a momentary audio artifact that can occur on any channel and manifest as a non-diegetic signal amplification. It is visible on the waveform as a spike in signal. Audio Pop impacts the content and technical quality of the asset. The customer experience is adversely affected if a loud pop occurs in silence. Audio pops are rarely creative intent, given the context of the scene. 

Severity Structure:


The pop is under dialogue and not distracting, or is a mouth noise from the performer or VO actor.

Needs Review

The pop is in between sounds and stands out. The sound is uncharacteristic, but is timed with a movement on screen. This could possibly be creative intent.

Needs Fix

The pop is very loud and stands out in the mix. Pop being present is distracting to the viewing of the content.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, consider placing room tone or wild track over the pop to replace it. If the pop is loud and in dialogue, check the original production audio and replace with recording if it was not inherent. Depending on the severity, re-recording or ADR may be necessary.

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