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Backlot Enhancement: Subcontracting Feature


Subcontracting is a new Backlot feature which provides a centralized means of communication for all project stakeholders tasked with fulfilling source requests. 

Previously, a diverse set of source requests may have been assigned to one facility, but language and/or resource limitations may have required that facility to outsource a subset of their assigned work to another facility. This workflow was previously managed outside of the Backlot ecosystem, which increased the risk of communication issues and resulted in workflow redundancies.

Phase One of the subcontracting feature helps to bring this type of work in-band -- allowing for seamless communication between the original Fulfillment Partner and their sub-assignee(s). Additional functionality will be provided in later phases of development. 



The ultimate goal is to ensure that only qualified partners are operating in our ecosystem.  In support of that aim, Phase 1 of this newly added feature allows for increased visibility & more efficient communication between Netflix and our Fulfillment Partners. 


What's Changed? 

Backlot Delivery UI

This feature allows Fulfillment Partners to sub-assign requests to other Fulfillment Partners and provides visibility when they do.  A Fulfillment Partner can sub-assign source request(s) by selecting one (or many) source requests from their Backlot view and navigating to the  "person icon" in the bulk action bar below:


If you prefer to only assign one source request at a time, you can hover over an individual source request's action bar and navigate to "More Actions" --> "Sub-assign":


Sub-assignees can either be existing Fulfillment Partners or external vendors without access to Backlot.

Existing Fulfillment Partners: 


Existing Partners will have visibility into the sub-assigned Backlot source requests; however, they will not be able to deliver direct to Netflix at this time. Subsequent phases of this feature will allow for qualified sub-assignees to deliver to Netflix, directly. 

External Vendors: 


At this time, you may assign source requests to external vendors outside of our delivery ecosystem; however, the external vendor will not have the ability to log into Backlot and view the source requests nor will they be able to deliver directly to Netflix in later feature enhancements. 

Sub-assignment information is visible to Netflix Internal users and Fulfillment Partners only. 

Enroll in the following Starship notifications to receive emails for when source requests are sub-assigned and un sub-assigned to/from your facility: 


If you have any further questions, please SUBMIT A REQUEST.



  • Added instructions on how to receive notifications for when source requests are sub-assigned and un sub-assigned to/from your facility.  
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