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Error Code:

Missing Audio Treatment 


"Missing audio treatment" is the lack of expected effects/enhancements to an audio track that should be motivated by on-screen action or comparison to primary audio source.


Missing audio treatment impacts the content quality of an asset.  Audio does not match on-screen visual cues or primary audio source.  Secondary language dubs sourced from M&E with missing audio treatments will also be missing the required audio treatments and thus, will not match the primary audio source.

Severity Structure:




The primary audio was not treated in a manner that aligns with on-screen action, or the M&E audio was not treated in a manner that matches the primary audio source. (e.g. Dialogue panning is missing from secondary language audio and/or does not match the primary language source, or reverb audio effect is missing from a scene that takes place in a setting where the audio would be expected to have an echoing quality).

How to Prevent:

Review audio with picture to ensure audio aligns with the visual story being told.  Make sure all necessary treatments have been applied to the M&E.


Audio returns to sweetening for proper treatment.


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