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I'm an NPFP. What do I need to know about the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB)? 


NPFPs are accountable for all errors that will be flagged by the KMRB (Korea Media Rating Board). When originating and delivering Korean subtitles to Netflix, please be sure to follow these additional guidelines from our QC team for our NPFP Partners.

KNP -  should include all character names, important redundant terminology and honorific tone used between relationships to keep consistency within seasons.

Typos - be extra careful with transliteration of names. These should be double checked. Make sure that the words are grammatically correct. 
Please utilize these two resources for spelling and popular transliterated spelling of names:

Popular names: http://www.korean.go.kr/front/foreignSpell/foreignSpellList.do?mn_id=96

Spell check:

Objective translation - translations for medicine, science, law, philosophy, religion should be properly researched.  If translation exists, it should be used instead of transliteration.
 Idioms should also be properly researched and translated properly if equivalent exists in Korean, i.e. Rest in peace, action speak louder than words, last straw, piece of cake, etc.

• For series, only one or two QC operators with accurate KNP should be QC'ing to ensure consistency of all episodes.

• Do not to use colloquial expressions as it sometimes does not follow the Korean orthography.  Those are considered as typo errors by the KMRB.

Idioms - please check and avoid literal translations.

In general, we suggest you start all new series with good translators who do research, keep accurate KNPs, and ensure that one or two QCers review all work before submitting to Netflix.

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