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The Delivery to Netflix page is where you can go to deliver all archival assets for your title. This user guide will walk you through how to navigate the page and customize what you see on the Delivery to Netflix page. 

If you need assistance on how to upload assets, you can find the user guide here

Accessing The Page

Hover of the lefthand side of the page to reveal the navigational sidebar. Then select Delivery to Netflix.


Figure A


When you first open the Delivery to Netflix page you will see all of your requests in the All Requests view. To switch to other views, select one of the other pre-configured views from the list on the left. 

All Requests: shows all requests that you have access to see based on your permissions for the title. This is the default View you will land in.CH_NavigatingTheDeliveryToNetflixPage_02.png

Figure B

To Deliver: filters down to requests that require action from you to fix or redeliver a request assigned to you (or the facility at which you work). Usually these requests have a Open status.CH_NavigatingTheDeliveryToNetflixPage_04.png

Figure C

Under Review: filters down to requests that you have delivered but still require Netflix to review (to decide if it is Accepted or needs to be marked for Redelivery). Usually these requests have a Processed status.


Figure D

To Fix or Redeliver: filters down to requests that require action from you to fix or redeliver a request assigned to you or the facility you work at. Usually these requests have a Redelivery status.


Figure E

Completed: filters down to requests that have been successfully delivered and marked as Accepted by Netflix.


Figure F


In addition to the pre-configured views, you also have the option to filter by the following options: 

  • Status 
  • Episode
  • Movie ID
  • Vendor 
  • Assignee 
  • Category 
  • Subcategory

To reveal your filter options, select the caret icon (>) to the right of the filter. Then select the checkbox to the left of the filter you wish to apply.


Figure G


Figure H

Please note that filters are additive to one another and will filter based on the View you have selected. Also, there is no limit on the number you can apply.

To reset all your filters, click on the Reset button located to the right of the Filter By text. Doing so will also cause the filter counts to disappear.


Figure I


You can also search for a specific request with the search bar. Please note the search will search based on the View you have selected and any Filters you have applied. 


Figure J

In case your results comprises multiple pages of results, you can use the arrows located below the asset table to navigate to other pages. 


Figure K

Alternatively, you can choose to directly jump to a specific page by selecting the corresponding page number.


Figure L


You can easily sort your requests by columns and also tailor the columns that are displayed to meet your preferences.

To sort by the column header, click on the column header. If you sort by multiple columns, you will see a number icon near the column header that denotes what the sort order priority is.

The default for Delivery to Netflix page is to sort the Name column descending (in the first priority).  


Figure M

If you click the Name column header once, this will change the sort to ascending (in the first priority).  


Figure N

If you click the Name column header once more, this will unsort the column.


Figure O

To customize the columns that are displayed:
1. Hover over any column header. Then select the three line menu to the right of the column header to open the column settings menu. 


Figure P

2. From the drop down menu select Columns.


Figure Q

3. Uncheck the boxes for any columns you wish to hide. You will automatically see your Request page updating. 


Figure R

In the same column header settings menu, you will see Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, and Unsort perform the same functions as clicking on the name of the column header. 

You can also Lock columns in place so they are pinned to left and remain in place as you scroll columns right and left. If a column is locked, then you can also Unlock it.

Lock Start will keep locked columns pinned the lefthand side of the table, while Lock End will keep locked columns pinned to the right.

CH_NavigatingTheDeliveryToNetflixPage_15.png  Figure S

You can also customize the order of your columns by simply dragging and dropping the column headers to your preferred position.


Figure T

Viewing Files 

You can view the files that have been delivered for each request by selecting the Carrot to the left of the request name. 


Figure U

Once the files are visible you will be able to see the file name, file size, file status, file count, when they were added, and who added them. 


Figure V


For each request there will be a variety of actions you can take based on the status of that request. You can take these actions on a file by file basis or in bulk. These actions will be: 

  • Ask for Redelivery (depending on the status of the request)
  • Copy to Workspace 
  • Add Notes

Single Request Actions

1. To take action on a single request, select the Down Arrow next to the View button.


Figure W

2. From the drop down menu select the action you wish to take. These actions will update based on the status of the request. 


Figure X

Bulk Request Actions

If you wish to take action on multiple files you can but please note any actions that are grayed out are not available based on the status of those requests. 

1. Select the boxes to the left of the request by clicking. 


Figure Y

2. Locate the Actions button in the upper-right corner of the page and click on the Arrow to the left of it.


Figure Z

3. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the action you want to take from the menu. The actions will be updated based on the status of the selected requests. 


Figure AA



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