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You have the ability to update the status of a request, fix delivery mistakes, remove files, and set requests for redelivery in the Details Page for a request.  A detailed user guide on how to navigate the Details Page can be found here.

Updating the Status of a Request

If your files have not automatically been submitted to the studio and you need to submit yours files: 

Select Submit from the header. 


Figure A

To set a Request to Redelivery it cannot be in an accepted state. If your request is accepted, reach out to your Netflix Contact to update the status. To set a Request for Redelivery: 

1. Select the 3 dot ellipse from the header. Then select Redelivery from the drop down menu. 


Figure B

2. Select the reason or reasons for redelivery from the drop down menu. Additionally, if you wish to clear existing files from the request select the check box.


Figure C

3. Select Ask for Redelivery. Your request is now ready for redelivery and if you choose to clear existing files your request will be blank.


Figure D

Fixing Delivery Mistakes 

If you need to rename or remove files that have already been delivered you can do that on the Details Page for each request. 

Renaming Files

Before you begin renaming files ensure that your request is either in an Open or Redelivery state. You cannot rename files for Requests with a checksum. 

1. Select the file you want to edit by clicking.


Figure E

2. Select the Edit Button in the lower right corner of the side panel.


Figure F

3. Make your edits to the file name in the upper part of the side panel.


Figure G

4. Select Save.


Figure H

Removing Files

Before you begin removing files ensure that your request is either in an Open or Redelivery state. You cannot remove files for Requests with a checksum. To remove a single file:

1. Hover over the file you want to remove. Then select the 3 dot ellipse located after the request metadata.


Figure I

2. Select Remove from the drop down menu.


Figure J

3. Select Remove from the confirmation window.


Figure K

To remove files in bulk: 

1. Select the left hand checkbox next to select the files you want to remove.To select all files, select the checkbox in the top left hand corner. 


Figure L

2. Select the Trash Icon button above the list of files.


Figure M

3. Select Remove from the confirmation window.


Figure N



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