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What is the maximum number of characters per line allowed in Timed Text assets?


For the vast majority of languages we do not currently enforce a maximum character per line limit with an Automated QC check. When processing files for Netflix take care to ensure no single line reaches a length where it is very close to the the side of the video and risks some characters not being displayed correctly.

Keeping the maximum number of characters per line to around 42 should prevent this from occurring for the majority of languages.

There are a small number of languages were a maximum character per line limit is enforced. These languages and limits are:

  • Korean: 23
  • Chinese Simplified: 23
  • Chinese Traditional: 23
  • Arabic: 50

If you deliver an asset for these languages where the specified limit is exceeded, you will encounter an automated rejection.

If you are creating assets for Netflix Originals content, then additional limits come into play:

  • Korean: 16
  • Chinese Simplified: 16
  • Chinese Traditional: 16
  • Arabic: 42
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