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Error Code:

TimedText-OverlappingText (Overlapping Text Error)

Error Message:

The captions have overlapping regions.
00:27:20.3753749 => 00:27:20.5422083: And we brought that back
00:27:20.3753749 => 00:27:20.5422083: a little jaded that we asked for


This means that multiple events are trying to be displayed in the same region on-screen at the same time.

This is not to be confused with the Manual QC rejection of Formatting-Positioning.


Review the affected events. For STL or SCC files, retiming the events to ensure that there are no timecode clashes is the only way to resolve the issue. For DFXP deliveries, you can utilize different regions. See the Timed Text Style Guide for an example of a DFXP file with multiple regions. These are set within the <layout> block.

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