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Product Supplemental request management and new PM features have been added to the CLP:


🗒️ Note: This is only for product supplementals for Dialogue Lists, Pivot Language Dialogue Lists, As Recorded Dub Script, and Audio Description Script. Supplemental comms and secondary audio coming soon!


New Features

"Category" and "Supplemental Types" filters

At the top of the request page, you can filter the "Category" to longform or supplemental requests. 


Quick filters

At the top of the request page, you can select these short-cut filters for faster results.


Asset Dependencies

We've added more Asset Dependencies, located in the Status column with a Not Ready or Ready state. Simply hover over the "i" icon and it will show you which dependencies that are keeping requests in a Not Ready state (ie proxy, dialogue list, etc).

image (19).png



New Columns

  • Type is now Asset Type
  • Vendor is now Fulfillment Partner
  • Subassignee if it’s a GDPM project
  • Date columns linked to Backlot: Estimated Due Date, Due Date and Delivered Date

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 2.57.57 PM.png


Details Panel

  • More request information including asset dependencies
  • Download Materials in Backlot

image (18).png


Visit CLP | Request Management for additional guidance.


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