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Color Grading: Critical Viewing Environment

The Color Grading critical viewing environment should first consist of a calibrated UHD display, treatment of lightning and room decor, as well as the appropriate placement of the observer relative to the screen. 

Viewing Specifications:

  • Surround Illumination: the area around the screen should be lit from a light source and reflective surface whose color temperature matches that of the display - i.e. D65 for both SDR and HDR viewing.  All wall treatments should be of neutral matte material with no distracting images or patterns.
  • Surround light level: 5 nits
  • Surround extent: at least 90 degrees horizontal field-of-view (FOV) and at least 60 degrees vertical FOV from observer.
  • Calibration: grayscale and colorimetry of the display must be able to achieve average deltaE values of 1 or less.  Display should be calibrated daily.
  • Viewing distance: Ideal viewing calls for the observer to be 3 - 3.2 picture heights and 1.5 - 1.6 picture heights for HD and UHD resolutions, respectively.

See SMPTE ST.2080-3 for more specific viewing environment requirements.

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