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Recent Updates to Dub Audio QC

Going forward, the traditional process of Localization QC for dub audio of Netflix's original content will be replaced by one or two of the following QC steps:

  • Premix QC
  • Postmix QC

At project onset, Netflix will let dubbing partners know which workflow will apply to each title. These new types of QC will focus exclusively on dub audio, as the creation and review of forced narratives will be part of a different workflow. To determine what must be covered in the audio, dubbing partners will need to reference Netflix’s style guides as well as any available Show Guides.

In Premix QC, dialogue stems will be reviewed before the final dub audio is created. Bringing the QC step further upstream will give dubbing partners more time to address any issues and ensure that all necessary fixes are implemented before a title launches.

Postmix QC will involve the review of final dub audio and only apply to the following scenarios:

  • Titles that were slated for Localization QC prior to the roll out of Premix QC and Postmix QC
  • Titles where critical issues are flagged in Premix QC that justify review of the final dub audio to ensure all necessary fixes have been implemented
  • Titles with extremely tight timelines that do not allow for Premix QC but still require high touch dub audio QC
  • Any other case where Netflix considers a title’s dub audio assets should be reviewed by its specialized QC resources

Once Premix QC or Postmix QC tasks are submitted, audio assets will move into Arbitration. Dubbing partners will receive an email notification and will have two days to go into Netflix's Originator tool, review all issues flagged and determine what will and will not be fixed. If they decide not to address an issue, they will need to select one of the following reasons: Creative Intent or Best Possible. Each issue will be assigned one of the following Severity Levels:

  • FYI: Something we would like to draw attention to that is not necessarily an issue.
  • Issue: Objective linguistic or technical issues that negatively impact customer experience and/or deviate from the creative intent of the original version.
  • Blocker: Issues that render the file non consumable or that would reflect very poorly on Netflix (missing dubs, noticeable sync issues, offensive/derogatory language).

If dubbing partners fail to complete the Arbitration process in due time, Netflix will assume that all issues flagged in QC will be fixed. When Arbitration is complete, a report will be generated with a summary of the fixes that will be implemented. This report will be saved in the source request for future reference.

For Premix QC, redeliveries will be required purely for archival purposes, as dubbing partners will be expected to implement fixes prior to delivering the final dub audio. For Postmix QC, all audio assets with errors categorized as Issue or Blocker will need to be redelivered.

Last but not least, dubbing partners will have to fill out the KNP before delivering the dub audio for Premix QC or Postmix QC. Upon completion of the Arbitration process, they will also have to update the KNP tool so that it accurately reflects the translations used in the final dub audio.

Dubbing Premix Recording and Delivery Guidelines

Arbitration of Dub Audio QC

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