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Starship: User Onboarding & Account Management Guide for Project-Level Terminology Access

Please note that these instructions are for partners who went through the initial KNP onboarding process and have personnel within their organization with the Major Manager role in Starship assigned to them. If no one in your organization has been assigned the Major Manager role, please "SUBMIT A REQUEST". After the initial onboarding process, access to the KNP is provided on a project-by-project basis.

We have designed a tiered approach for security.

Role 1: Major Manager (Level 1)

Through the source request, Major Managers are automatically granted the right to assign additional personnel to that project by granting them "Movie Id Granting Privileges". They will also automatically receive Project Admin (Level 2) access and KNP Editor (Level 3) role.

Role 2: Project Admin (Level 2)

Major Managers can provide Project Admin access. The Project Admin role is generally reserved for project managers who coordinate deliverables and resources. The Project Admin can onboard translators, adapters, and other personnel involved in the creative process. If they want to see the actual KNP for that project, they have to assign the KNP Editor (Level 3) role to themselves.

Role 3: KNP Editor (Level 3)

KNP Editors can view and edit those KNPs. They can’t, however, grant access to other users.

Starship Onboarding - Video Guide:



3/29/21 - Updated Video Guide

2/7/21 - Updated nomenclature surrounding Project Admin Privileges

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