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Production assets must be prepared by a Digital Imaging Technician / Digital Media Technician / Dailies Lab according the below specifications.


Minimum Required Folder Structure 

Please note the bolded folders are required.  However a specific order or depth of the folder structure is not required.


  • "Show Title" 


  • YYYYMMDD (Shoot Date)


  • Camera Media

* Camera roll folders (e.g A001C001) copied into the Camera Media folder must be an exact representation of the camera card contents and contain valid checksums. 

  • Sound Media

* Sound roll folders (e.g S001) copied into the Sound Media folder must be an exact representation of the sound card contents and contain valid checksums.

Optional Added Folder Structure 

  • Shoot Day### <optional>
  • Season## <optional>
  • Episode### <optional>


  • Shot Metadata <optional, if available>
    • Looks or Grades (CDL, BLG, etc.)
    • Viewing Transforms (LUT, CTL, etc.)
    • Shot Lists (ALE, AAF, etc.)


  • Proxy and Mezzanine media <optional, if available>
    • Editorial proxies (Avid, Premiere Pro, etc.)
    • Streaming review proxies (PIX, etc.)
    • Intermediate/Mezzanine files (DPX, MOV, etc.)


Sample Folder and File Structure

The below snapshot is an example of acceptable camera and sound media folder structure:



Legal characters: [ a-z ], [ A-Z ], [ 0-9 ], [ . ], [ _ ], [ - ]

(ILLEGAL: spaces or any other symbols/characters)



Change Log:


    • Updated minimum requirements to folder structure to be more flexible for production processes.




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