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Netflix Localization 5.1 Mix Room Guidelines

These 5.1 room guidelines are designed to ensure consistent translation of your work to our members globally so that they can be enjoyed on any device.

  • We suggest monitoring at a 79db to 82db calibrated loudness setting.
  • Left, Center, Right speakers should be the same make and model.
  • All speakers should have an unobstructed listening path to the mixer. If you cannot see the full speaker from the mix position, then it is obstructed.
  • Your 5.1 monitoring system should be calibrated with specific equalization per speaker. This allows for flat frequency response or to adhere to a known response curve conducive to mixing in Near Field environments. (ie: modified X curve). A properly calibrated setup will allow panning of dialogue without significant coloration or change in tonality from speaker to speaker.
  • Calibrations may include specific millisecond delays per speaker to accommodate accurate timing at the position of the mixer.
  • Subwoofers should be accurately placed and calibrated and depending on the size of your main monitors may require bass management or low-frequency distribution to the Subwoofer from the 5.0 portion your system(LCR-LsRs)
  • Reflective qualities in a mix room need to be addressed using panels, diffusion, bass traps or absorbent materials. Exposed hard surfaces such as walls, glass, and flooring should be minimized. Treatments address standing waves and room modes typically associated with smaller mix spaces.
  • Picture displays and Digital Audio Workstations must be in frame-accurate sync. The main causes of sync differences are: 
    • Projectors
    • Video displays
    • Video peripherals and drivers
    • Digital Audio Workstation software version differences
  • For speaker placement recommendations please refer to "Section 3.2.4 - Room Layout" of ITU-R BS.775-3.
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