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Branded Backlot Ticket Submission Guide 


Submitting a ticket to the correct location is imperative to ensuring your help ticket is answered in a timely manner. To submit a ticket on behalf of a Branded IMF Delivery, please follow the below guidelines:

Definition of Branded Content

  • Packages that contain the Netflix presentation credit at the head. A good example is the “A Netflix Original Series” card that appears ahead of a series episode.

  • Please Note: Licensed-Branded falls under the umbrella of "branded packages."

For more details visit: Best Practices: Branded and Non-Branded IMF Deliveries


Tier 1 Branded Backlot Support Team

The Tier 1 Support Team for Branded Content handles Backlot issues including: Source Request Errors, Delivery Failures, Redeliveries and Status Inquiries. 


Easily Access the Help Center 

In Backlot, go to the top right hand corner of the Backlot UI, click on your User Icon (see image 1) and click Help Center from the drop down menu (see image 2).


Image 1


Image 2


Submit a Ticket to Tier 1 Branded Backlot Support

1. Go to the Partner Help Center.


2. Login.


3. Go to the top right of the page and click on SUBMIT A REQUEST.



4. Click on the drop down and choose the first option:  Question regarding Branded content - Technical Delivery & Media Support, Specifications, and Production Workflows.


5. Fill in the Subject in the subject line. A list of Suggested Articles will appear. Please take the time to read an article and troubleshoot your issue.

  • Example: In the below case, there is a question in regards to the IMF_CPL_Error.  As seen in screenshot, Articles appear and once you click on the Suggested Article, it redirects you to the Help Article. 



6. If the article does not fulfill your request, continue to submit your ticket. Add a Description. Please include at least one of the following:

    1. Request ID

    2. Package ID

    3. Movie ID

    4. Title

    5. Source Type

    6. Transfer ID

CC any necessary counterparts:


7. Click on the Please designate what type of support is needed.

8. Choose Backlot Support


 9. Click on the Priority dropdown and choose your priority type:

    1. Low 

    2. Normal 

    3. High

    4. Urgent 


10. (OPTIONAL) Attach any relevant screenshots or logs.

(maximum file size: 20 MB)

11. Once you have provided all required information, click on Submit.


12. You will be assigned a ticket number. Standby for an operator to respond to your ticket



My Activities Section

To keep track of all your tickets, go to the dropdown under your name and click on My Activities.


It will take you to your ticket queue where you can view all of your requests and their status.

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