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This document is to provide guidance when incorporating the Netflix credit ( “A Netflix Original Series”, “Netflix Presents”, or similar) with the main title sequence for all Netflix Originals. Please reach out to your legal credits representative for the exact language to incorporate in your title.

Although the Netflix credit differs by its content type, it will be addressed in the same manner across all of our titles. We have included examples for all content verticals in this document. This is up to the production and Netflix Creative to decide how best to present the Netflix credit.


For non-English language projects, please consult your Netflix Post contact to confirm if the Netflix credit should be in the native language of the project, or in English. For more info on approved translations, please visit this Netflix Original Series translation document.

Option 1 (Integrated into Title Sequence)​: You can add it into the main title sequence itself (ex. 13 Reasons Why). The font and size of the Netflix credit matches everything else in the title sequence. The Netflix credit should be the first on-screen text in the sequence. It also should be on-screen the same amount of time as other credits.



​Option 2 (Separate Card): ​ You can present the Netflix credit as a separate card (ex. Stranger Things). Below is a black card preceding the main title sequence.


*As a reminder, per Section 2.1 of the Netflix Originals Delivery Specifications, all video or image sequences must consist of the feature program with one (1) second of silent black added at head and tail of program. Please consider this when implementing the Netflix credit.

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