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This document serves as a home base for documentation related to using iPad Pros for remote color reviews. For determining a color review workflow for a specific title, please reach out to your Netflix Representative.


Settings & Configuration

These documents cover how to generally configure an iPad Pro’s settings for the purpose of color reviews.

For Those Configuring the iPad Pros

iPad Pro - Configuring Display & Brightness

Reference for configuring display-related settings on an iPad Pro for color review purposes

Security Settings

Reference for configuring security-related settings on an iPad Pro that will be used for storing Netflix content


Rendering & Reviewing

These documents cover how to properly render videos for color reviews on iPad Pros, and how to play them back properly on the iPad Pros. If you are using a real-time / cloud-streaming solution to review color, please ignore this section.

For Post Facility

iPad Pro - Deliverables for Color Reviews

Acceptable video formats / color encoding that are supported on the iPad Pro, including how to verify they are correct. Includes SDR & HDR options.

For iPad Pro Users

iPad Pro - Playback in Apple Files

Step-by-step instructions to save and play files in Apple Files


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