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Netflix receives the adapted pre-recorded dubbing script and the as recorded dubbing script as TTAL files.

Both pre-recorded and as recorded dubbing scripts are fulfilled via Backlot in two possible ways:

  • Direct upload of TTAL file to the source request;
  • or through the Netflix Authoring tool.

Pre-recorded scripts are fulfilled via the Dubbing Script source request and as recorded via the As Recorded Dubbing Script source request.

Scope of Work:

  • Dubbing Scripts must be created in sentence case. They can’t be in all caps.
  • The in and out timecode of dialogue events should be frame accurate.
  • The pre-recorded dubbing scripts fulfilled to Dubbing Script source request should be fully adapted.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Q4 2021 will serve as a discovery phase to establish SLAs for the pre-recorded dubbing script. During this period, the Dubbing team will aim to provide as much time as possible for the completion of the task.
If a due date given is not feasible, negotiate with the Dubbing Title Manager for the content.

As Recorded dubbing scripts should deliver within 20 business days of delivery of final, QC-approved dubbed audio.

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