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I am a Content Partner or Fulfillment Partner delivering timed-text assets to Netflix.  What is my responsibility when it comes to supplying Netflix with translator credits? 


The inclusion of a translator credit is required for all subtitle creation work; paid by the Content Partner, or paid by Netflix directly.  For licensed content, Content Partners must ensure compliance with local laws in all territories where localized assets they deliver will be exhibited, and for obtaining waivers from translators, as necessary, for instances in which the translator does not wish to be credited. Partners must also ensure that translators are aware that Netflix may modify their translation at any time, at its sole discretion, and that they will still be credited for the work unless they have formally waived their right to be credited.

For quality reasons, we wish to ensure that our Fulfillment Partners are never using more than a single translator per file. And we are only permitting a single translator credit per asset.

For additional context regarding our translator credit requirements, please review these FAQ articles:


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