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Content Hub is the asset storage, management, collaboration and delivery destination for Netflix Production Content Creators. Built on a shared services ecosystem that powers tools across Netflix from “pitch” to “play”, Content Hub has been built from the ground up to power production content workflows. While our current efforts are focused on streamlining content delivery to teams who are preparing content for launch on the Netflix service, we are rapidly moving upstream to support productions themselves.


Content Hub provides a highly scalable and robust platform for Productions, their creative providers, and Netflix teams. Our aim is to make the process of working on Netflix productions as painless and pleasant as possible. We release several new features each quarter along with smaller improvements almost weekly. We take a collaborative approach and work closely with our partners to understand their needs, and where necessary develop new workflows and provide training and support resources.

To that end, Content Hub is used to manage requests and deliveries of production related materials including (but not limited to):

  • Original Camera Footage (OCF)
  • Dailies
  • Non-Graded Archival Masters (NAM)
  • Locked Proxies
  • Print Master Audio
  • ProTools Sessions
  • VFX Pulls

The Content Hub User Interface (UI) can be broken down into a number of pages:

Please Note:

  • Content Hub offers a number of user profiles to cover a variety of use cases. The areas and functionality that a user will be exposed to will be dependent on the profile they have been assigned.
  • Content Hub is only supported on Google’s Chrome browser and requires Aspera Connect to be installed in order to deliver content into Content Hub.
  • At this time, Content Hub is not compatible with LINUX.



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