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M&E Creation Guidelines

Netflix is available in over 190 countries, and a majority of our subscribers will consume our titles in a language other than the original. It is therefore imperative to the creative intent of the film or series that the Music and Effects Package reflects the original version mix.

Please deliver a fully-filled Music & Effects Package as longplay, discrete channels according to the Netflix Nearfield loudness and true-peak requirements (Audio Mix Specs and Best Practices) with the program content of each file conformed and in sync with that of the final media delivered to Netflix. In order to facilitate QC, please conform files to Netflix timing of final picture (i.e. no leader or tail). Optional channel assignment should match that of the top-level mix.

For selected titles, Netflix will provide specific notes for the mixing of the M&E elements. Unless those notes specify otherwise, please apply the following general guidelines to the M&E mix and contact Netflix Post or International Dubbing if they cannot be followed:


The M&E effects content must match that of the Print Master. Any effect present in the Print Master must also be present in the M&E.


Music and Effects Mix

Optional Tracks

DX Guide / Remove


  • Walla and non language-specific crowd noises, reactions, cheers, etc.
  • Generic crowd walla bed that matches the intent of the crowd reaction in original mix (if production bed contains crowd noises with discernible language that must be removed)
  • Group dialogue that is not discernible in mix but is made up of distinct individual dialogue (possibly on group-specific stem)
  • Live (and/or database) audience laughter/reactions (should be placed on reax-specific track)
  • Crowd chants of a person’s name
  • Specific, distinct lines of dialogue within walla bed or crowd stems
  • Discernible language within audience reactions


  • Background music exactly as it is represented in the original language mix
  • Instrumental tracks for on-screen musical performances original to or produced for show.
  • Vocals from performances original to or produced for show.
  • Instrumental/vocal mix if isolated vocals from on-screen performance are not available
  • Discernible dialogue overlapping with musical performance

Foreign/Fictional Dialogue

  • N/A
  • All dialogue that is in a language (recognized or original to content) different than the original version language. Separate overlapping speakers if possible.
  • Short words/phrases interrupting lines of original language dialogue

Existing IP/ Archival Audio

  • Music and effects from audio source
  • Dialogue of audio from outside sources (archival, outside film/ television IP, etc.)
  • Full audio mix of outside sources if tied together
  • Dialogue of anything scripted and recorded specifically for mix


  • Babies/ young children crying, screaming, etc. in non-discernible language
  • Non-language “mouth sounds”: groaning, coughing, grunting, heavy breathing, etc. occurring separate separate from dialogue
  • Non-language “mouth sounds”: groaning, coughing, grunting, heavy breathing, etc. if it occurs close to dialogue
  • Babies/young children speaking in a discernible language



Unless otherwise specified by Netflix, please use best judgment in placing this material on Optional tracks.


Body of M&E

Optional Tracks

DX Guide/Remove


  • Non-dialogue yelling, screaming, crying, etc. from characters who never speak discernible language in program
  • Non-dialogue yelling, screaming, crying, etc. from speaking characters
  • Yelling, screaming, crying, etc. that contains dialogue


  • Breaths/efforts from characters who never speak discernible language in program
  • Breaths/efforts from speaking characters not occurring next to dialogue
  • Breaths/efforts from speaking characters occurring within lines of dialogue


Below is an overview of how to create a fully-filled Music & Effects mix.