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M&E Creation Guidelines

Please deliver a fully-filled Music & Effects mix in both 5.1 and 2.0 as longplay, discrete channels according to the Netflix Originals Full Technical Specifications and Operators Manual* (section 4) with the program content of each file conformed and in sync with that of the final media delivered to Netflix. In order to facilitate QC, please conform files to Netflix timing (i.e. no leader or tail).

General M&E Content Guidelines

For certain titles, Netflix may provide specific notes for the mixing of the M&E elements. Unless otherwise specified, please apply the following general guidelines to the mix:



All music, sound fx and foley exactly as it is represented in the original language mix.

All discernible language should be removed from M&E and provided on dialogue guide. 

Content in languages other than primary original version language should go in the Optional Track.

Physical exertions (non-language specific) made by characters that do not have speaking lines.  Ex: groaning, coughing, grunting, heavy breathing with chest voice etc...

Physical exertions made by characters with speaking lines should be removed from M&E as they will be re-voiced in dubbing, however we should strive to include these sounds on Optionals track wherever they occur separate from dialogue. Yelling/screaming w/o discernible language are especially important here as they are more taxing on an actor to recreate authentically.

Light breaths without chest voice that are free and clear of spoken dialog.

Light breaths without chest voice in the middle of sentences.

Babies/children crying, screaming, etc... - as long as babies/children do not speak in a discernible language.

Babies or children speaking in a discernible language. Please place groaning, coughing, grunting, heavy breathing, and other “mouth sounds” on Optionals track wherever they occur separate from dialogue.

Non language-specific crowd noises, reactions, cheers, etc...


If crowd noises contain discernible language that must be removed in the M&E,  make sure to include a bed of generic crowd walla that matches the intent of the crowd reaction in original mix.

Crowd responses, shout-outs, cheers that are in a discernible language should be removed from M&E. 

For live audience reactions/laugh tracks (in comedy specials and multi-cam sitcoms, for example), please remove discernible language and place on laugh/audience reax track in addition to Optionals track.

Music and sound effects of any TV show or Movie source playing in scene.  Any language-specific dialogue must be removed. 

Dialogue from a TV or movie background source must not be included in the M&E.  It should be supplied in the Optionals Track.

Instrumental music (when a character sings on-screen)

Vocals by a character singing on-screen should be removed from the M&E and placed on Optionals Track in the event that the original version vocals must be used for legal or recording reasons.

If vocals are married to instrumental track, please leave entire performance on M&E so it can be maintained in dubbed audio.


Optionals Track

The Optional Track is where valuable, but language-specific material should be placed. For example:

  • Language-specific walla, crowd chants, cheers
  • Dialogue from TV show playing on-screen or from real-life/historical people
  • Language(s) being spoken that are foreign to that of original language of production
  • Vocals from a character singing on-screen

Track Configurations

Please include one discrete file per channel as listed below.

5.1 Near-Field Printmaster/ 6+2 Near-Field M&E

  • Ch 1: Left               
  • Ch 2: Right
  • Ch 3: Center
  • Ch 4: LFE
  • Ch 5: Left Surround
  • Ch 6: Right Surround

Also include (for M&E):

  • Dialogue Guide 
  • Optional Track (mono and any other channel configuration preferred)

Lt/Rt Near-Field Printmaster/M&E

  • Ch 1: Left Total
  • Ch 2: Right Total
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