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Backlot Source Requests & Delivery Management API

Change Log:


  • Updated IMF Delivery API (/v1/deliveries/imf) to add support for the latest changes/enhancements to the IMF delivery and inspection workflow in the Backlot UI:
    • Simplified request schema by removing "id" and "type" property requirements
    • XML contents of the CPL, PKL, and Asset Map IMF Metadata must now be included in the actual JSON request under requestassetMapXml, packingListXml, and compositionPlaylistXml
    • Simplified response schema hierarchy to include results for the top-level compositionPlayListId under a new "status" property (enums: "SUCCESS" and "ERROR") 
    • Simplified response schema to include results for each IMF trackID/Backlot requestID under a new "trackStatus" property (enums: "NEW", "MODIFIED", "UNMODIFIED", "ERROR")


  • Updated Search Material API (/v1/downloads/searchDownloadAssets) and Download Material API (/v1/downloads/getDownloadAssetsManifests) response examples for clarity/consistency  
    • Expanded enum for the "type" property to encompass the full scope of Download Material types returned by our APIs
    • Added new property: "typeDisplayName"
    • Updated enum for the "qcStatus" property to reflect relevant values   


  • Added two new endpoints for Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partners:
    • Source Request Cancel API: /v1/requests/cancel
    • Source Request Uncancel API: /v1/requests/uncancel


  • Removed the following properties from Search Download API ( /v1/downloads/searchDownloadAssets) 
    • Removed "downloadSupplementalUrl", "ampAssetID", and "fallbackMaterial" properties
  • Removed the following properties from Download Material API( /v1/downloads/getDownloadAssetsManifests)
    • Removed "downloadSupplementalUrl", "ampAssetID", "fallbackMaterial", and "watermarkVendorID" properties
  • Added a "downloadError" property to the Download Material API. This new field will provide download error messaging and should be helpful in improving existing partner integrations (the previous response when a download error was encountered was to provide an empty response, which caused confusion/uncertainty)
  • Updated Search Download API and Download Material API response examples for clarity/consistency   


  • Updated the request schema for /v1/deliveries (Audio Printmaster)
    • Removed "Theatrical" from assetInfo mixType options
    • Added "ATMOS" to assetInfo format options  


  • Updated the request schema/example for /v1/downloads/searchDownloadAssets 


  • v1/downloads/getDownloadAssetManifests API
    • Reworded for clarity
    • Provided clearer instruction for destinationPath
    • Updated documentation for Aspera command-line utility command format
  • Removed /v1/downloads/proxies API instructions (functionally deprecated on October 16th, 2020)


  • Updated sourceType to include additional asset types. 


  • Updated Requests API to add Estimated Delivery Date reason "redeliveryRequestedByNetflix"
  • Added Search Download Materials API
  • Added Download Materials API


  • Updated Requests API to include Estimated Delivery Date and Change Reason


  • Corrected the Material Status API. It incorrectly stated that partners could update Translator Credit question.


  • Updated API host name


  • Added translatorCreditPresent to the Request API for serviceType is conform
  • Added translatorCreditWaiverPresent to the Request API for serviceType is create


  • Added subAssign to the Request API for Fulfilment Partner's sub-contracting functionality


  • Updated Deliveries API to include Dolby Atmos™ selection as "NOT_APPLICABLE"


  • Updated List Request API to include Inspection Errors bucket
  • Updated Inspection Override URL to include transferId
  • Updated Deliveries API to include HermesId


  • Added Material Source Types:
  • Added inspectionStatus to the Request API
  • Added Bucket Data to the Request Search API
  • Added a new section for Overriding Deliveries
  • Added additional a section for "inspectionDeliveries"
  • Added languageCode and audioChannels to the IMF Deliveries
  • Updated the Request API to now have "Request for Video, Audio, Text" to qualify the API
  • Updated *\<ssh_key_path\>* is path to the ssh keys