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Localization Billing Instructions - Full-Length Content   

Netflix requires Purchase Order numbers (POs) to be referenced on all content localization work (e.g. dubbing & subtitling) relating to full-length content (series, features, documentaries, comedies, etc.,) as contracted by the Netflix Content Localization (CL) and Content Operations (CO) teams.  The POs are generated and maintained by Finance Operations. 

*Note: POs are not required for QC.

PO Request (POR) Process: 

1.  At the start of a localization project, please complete the Netflix POR template (make sure to obtain the Season ID# for each title as this is required on the template) and submit to SubsDubs@netflix.com using the email template below and copy the Netflix CL/CO team member who placed the order. 

POR Email Requirements: 

Subject: Vendor Name - Project/Title Season - Short Description (e.g Post House - Love Season 2 - AD)
*Mark as URGENT if a PO is required within 24 hours

Name of Title(s):
 Title Season 2

Brief Description of Services: English Audio Description, Subs & Dubs, etc., 
Delivery Date: month/date/year 
Total Cost: $X

Attachment: Netflix POR Template in Excel format.


2. Additional guidance on how to complete the POR template can be found here

3. Finance Operations will generate the PO within 4 business days of request submission and provide the PO# and PO .pdf copy to the vendor via email.

4. Any changes to the order that affect the cost must be communicated via a new estimate to SubsDubs@Netflix.com and the Netflix team member who placed the order so the PO can be updated accordingly.

5. For any audio creation work, the "Audio Creation Details" tab in the POR template must be completed and submitted 10 days prior to final asset delivery.

6. Upon project completion email invoices to streamingAP@netflix.com and SubsDubs@Netflix.com for payment processing.

  • Issue Invoice to the Netflix entity as listed on the PO
  • Reference the PO# on your Invoice
  • Email your invoice to streamingap@netflix.com and subsdubs@netflix.com
  • Include the PO number in the subject line of your email 

PO questions can be directed to: SubsDubs@Netflix.com
Payment inquiries may be submitted
to: StreamingAP@netflix.com

• PDF Download - English


  • Removed note about POs not being required for Product Trailer Localization 
  • PO Request (POR) Process: Added #2 -- providing additional guidance on how to complete/submit the POR template.
  • PO Request (POR) Process: Added #5 -- including the stipulation that the "Audio Creation Details" tab in the POR template must be completed and submitted 10 days prior to final asset delivery for audio creation work. 
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